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Best Online Casino South Africa South Africa is one of the few countries that would permit you to game at any online platform. The country does not have many restrictions on online gaming so you can grace the reels of your favourite progressive slot game without having to worry about pay-out.

There are a lot of casinos available to South African players making it very hard for players to easily settle for a particular gaming platform.

A lot of new players join the South African gaming industry on a daily basis with the sole intention of gaming at a platform that has something extraordinary in store for them.

Finding the right gaming platform to pilot your gaming activities online is not an easy job, if you don’t make the desired research you might end up gaming on a scam casino site.

If you are a new player or an existing South African player who is interested in gracing the reels of numerous remarkable gaming platforms, then you might want to read along.

We are a team of expert casino gamblers who have played at hundreds of online casinos in South Africa. Our mission is to provide gamblers in the region with the best gaming platform to pilot their gaming activities.

There are over a thousand gaming platform online making it very hard for players to detect which one of them would provide the gaming experience they desire.

Our team of experts have gone through the hard part of the job by helping select casinos that offers a unique gaming experience, all you need to do is to pick a casino form the list offered and game with them rest assured that they have been tested and are 100% trusted.

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Our Selection Method

A lot of players would be wondering how we come about the casinos we offer, who stays and who goes? Our selection process is in no way biased, all the casino we offer go through numerous screening process following lots of criteria.

No matter how big or dominant a platform is, if it does not pass our screening process, we would drop it immediately. Below are some of the core features we consider before recommending a casino to online gamblers in South Africa.

Licencing Commission

This is the most important factor or feature that we consider. As soon as we hear about a casino the next thing we check out before gaming is which licence is regulating its gaming activities.

As stated before, there are over a thousand casinos available to online gamblers in South Africa with up to 10% of them being scam sites. To avoid falling victim to scam sites that parade themselves as a gaming platform, ensure you check out the licence governing its activities.

You might be wondering how you are to differentiate between an authentic gambling licence and a fake one.

There are a lot of gambling commissions regulating the casinos offered to players in South Africa making it impossible for us to list out which ones are to be trusted but note that most gambling commissions possess site’s which states plainly the casinos they are regulating.

As soon as you check out which licence is piloting a casinos' gaming affairs, go to the gambling commission’s site and verify the authenticity of their claim.


Software Providers

Software for South African casinosSince the inception of online gaming platforms, a lot of software providers have dominated numerous gaming platforms. Some of the most trusted in the industry are Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, Rival, Real Time gaming etc. there are a lot of software providers available making it impossible for you to detect which of them would provide you with a gaming lobby that possesses the gaming experience you desire.

In as much as you might fancy the gaming lobby of one of the providers listed above, the remaining are still by all means worth your consideration. Most times the issue is not with the software providers but with the system operating the games provided.

You might see a reliable software provider providing games with a rigged outcome, to ensure that fair play is guaranteed, our team of expert made sure that all the casinos listed out possess games from software providers that operate their gaming machines with an RNG that has been tested by numerous third-party auditors.


A lot of players disregard the support system offered at a casino thinking there would be no need to contact support. In as much as support might not be important during registration, you might need their assistance while trying to claim your welcome bonus or making withdrawals.

All the casinos offered by our team of experts possesses a support service that would enable you to resolve any issue you might come across while gaming in the fastest way possible.

Banking Options in South African Gambling SitesBanking Options

Before registering with a gaming platform, ensure that the banking options provided would suit your gaming style. There are a lot of casinos that would state banking options that are not offered at the platform in online reviews.

South Africa does not have a lot of restrictions on online gaming, so you can expect to find all sort of gaming platforms online. Most of the gaming platform we listed out provides players with numerous banking options that deal on Rand and other currencies.

All the transaction options offered have been verified by our team so you can game rest assured that what you see is what you would get.

Bonuses and Promotions

It’s certain that a lot of gamblers would favour reels with huge bonuses and no deposit (take a look at Bovegas no deposit bonus codes). What we are offering is not just casinos with lots of bonuses but also with low wagering requirement.

Don't fall for casinos that promise huge bonuses without checking the stake through requirement attached. Note that all the casinos we listed out provides a bonus to old and new players.


Online gaming has grown to become a favoured gambling activity in South Africa, with the list of online gaming platform stated, we are certain that you would be able to pilot the gaming experience you desire from any part of the country if you pick any of the casino sites we recommend.

Best South African Casinos Online 2019

Best South African Online Casinos

Have you been searching for secure and legitimate online casinos to play on as a South African resident? Despaired because if the uncertain situation with online gambling in your country? Scared you are going to have to let go of this thrilling hobby you have? Well we are here to ease all of your worries.

We want to assure you that you have all the rights to play casino games online as it is completely and totally legal in South Africa. Do you know the best part? We have compiled a list of online casinos you can easily start playing on.

No need to run the risk of getting your phone pirated or infected by clicking on some random sites on the web. Just keep reading. We've got you.

Choosing an Online Casino For the Best Gambling Experience

When you want to choose a gambling site to play on, make sure you take the decision seriously. Choosing a bad online casino can affect your finances; your personal data; the security of your device(s); your gambling experience and opinion; your overall mood, all this in a negative manner.

The worst consequence of choosing an unreliable online casino is the effect it will have on your opinion about online gambling. A lot of people have given up on online gambling completely because of one bad experience.

We do not want you to be among that percentage which is why we have conducted extensive research on the subject. We are 100% sure of the authenticity of the casinos we have put on our list.

You should know that we have done our homework. We have had our experts do extensive testing on these sites and we assure you that you do not have to question yourself about the safety of your personal data and your money.

This is a given. We have compiled legal South African providers that offer:

  • A large variety of games from the most distinguished software providers
  • Banking methods that are secure and valid
  • Profitable and bountiful bonuses
  • Hight payout rates
  • Accreditation and licensing from legal authorities

Yes, we do know some tacky casinos may appear under the disguise of secure and reliable online casinos. They would sell you the dream, trying to lure you in with outrageous bonuses and fake promises. Then when you fall into their trap, it would be too late because they would have already taken your money and fulfilled none of their promises.

To get your money's worth, your best bet would be to place your trust in the online casinos that have been established for a while instead of the new ones that promise you outrageous and unfulfillable bonuses. We propose that you trust the casinos that we have carefully sieved, reviewed and compiled. Our list of top ten casinos is a good way to stop yourself from being a target for scammers. We are going to tell you how exactly we choose the casinos we deem reliable.

How We Review and Classify South African Online Casinos

Like we already concluded, there are a lot of seedy online casinos, luring people in with the promises of great bonuses and enjoyable game play time, all in the aim of duping them. We know this better than anyone else. For us to include a casino in out list, there are certain criteria it has to meet. They are:

  • Licensing. Each certified legit online casino needs to have a license. Unlicensed casinos, no matter the bonuses, offers or “free spins” they offer, are a no-go zone. Of course the license does not need to be from the South African administration as at this time, it does not give online casinos licenses to permit them operate in the country. What you should check out for is an online casino with a license from international gambling jurisdictions.
  • Audit Agency Badges. An audit badge is basically a check, or a validation method if you wish. Agencies which issue these badges perform an in-depth check to confirm if the random gaming options and outcomes on these online casinos are actually random. To get results, they input the RNG (random number generator). We took this into consideration when selecting our top ten online casinos.
  • Bonuses and Promotions. Here, it is not who promises more that wins. That is not how we roll. Instead, we try as much as we can to confirm that these so called bonuses are actually genuine and not marketing ploys. Along with these bonuses, we place a lot of importance on wagering requirements.

We strongly recommend wagering as not wagering might mess up your overall gaming experience and take away your enjoyment.

Seedy and unreliable casinos whose only aim is to dupe their users would either give really unfathomable and unrealistic wagering requirements; put these requirements out if sight; make the lettering really small; make them particularly ambiguous or just not put them at all. All this in hopes that you would immediately make a deposit and continue playing the game if your choice. This is unrealistic as before you start playing, the amount of time and money you will spend needs to be calculated.

We will stop here for now as we will be giving you more details in our Test for Online Casinos section. The essential thing is we would never put you (intentionally or not) on the path of unreliable casinos as before we choose, we take all these factors into consideration.


Bonuses And Promotions on South African Casinos

Genesis CasinoWe were already on the topic of bonuses so why don't we delve deeper. We know you are asking yourself a lot of questions. Do all casinos in South Africa offer legit bonuses? Are all bonuses worth it? The answers to these questions are quite straightforward.

Bonuses are legit and totally worth it if and only if the online casino you are playing on is reliable. No seedy online casino would actually fulfill their promises if bonuses. We have tips to help you distinguish between a shady and fake bonus and a real one. They are:

  1. Most real bonuses are reasonable. No exorbitant amount of money or free spins. Chances are, if the bonuses on one site are considerably higher than the bonuses all other sites, then the former is most probably fake. So be careful.
  2. Like we said before, bonuses go hand in glove with wagering requirements. Since you already know how to check for those, if they are absent, the site is most likely trying to rip you off after you make your deposit.
  3. Legit bonuses have legit wagering requirements. After looking for the requirements, make sure they are achievable. Don't jump head first into anything.
  4. Put in mind that you can cash out a real bonus.
  5. Real bonus is equal to real money.

Some South African online casinos with the most profitable bonus and promotion offers are:

Don't really understand the bonuses we've just woken about? That's okay. We are going to put it in simpler terms, talking about the different types of bonuses and how different they are from each other.

Online casino deposit bonus. This is the most searched online casino bonus. It is also probably the most coveted. This is simply because of its unconditional use. This bonus is very advantageous as it allows you the possibility to wager along with it. It is almost like the casino was convincing you to gamble and asking you for nothing in return.

Match deposit bonus. This bonus as it's name indicates concerns your deposits. It is given when you make your first deposit on the site. It varies between 50% – 200% of the matches bonus

Free spins. Spins are a fun and quick, if not way way to make real money. They allow you to play and win without a deposit of any kind.

VIP Bonuses. These bonuses are for the high rollers, basically the big spenders. The higher the stakes you wager on, the bigger bonuses you will get from a casino. And you should know that a lot of casinos favor their big spenders.

Cashback bonus. This bonus is for the particularly unlucky ones. Casinos give back a percentage of the money you wagered on if you lose. This way you can try your luck again with your extra cash.

Welcome package bonus. This is a bonus pack given to all newbies. It is one of the advantages on registering on sides. The pack includes, but is not limited to, free spins, deposit and match bonuses and free play. While some welcome package bonuses are a “package deal” with wagering requirements, some are not.

With this list we have compiled, South African residents who play online casino games are free ti register or login and take advantage of these extensive bonuses from our reliable list of casinos.

Best South African Casinos Online

How We Test South African Online Casinos

When you get to a physical casino, there is this sense of belonging. It is always busy, there are people walking around, the staff (cashier's and the rest) trying to cater to people and players milling around. You feel it is okay to play there.

But how do you recognize a reliable online casino? What are the clues that point out that a particular South African casino is a legit one.

And that’s when sites like ours come into play. We have experts, both in-house and freelance, who are qualified in the matters of online casinos. These experts help us to expose the seedy sites that want to scam you and help bring to the spotlight the reliable sites.

The ten casinos we gave you is a list of the high ranking sites from these tests. But we are going to break it down to you and tell you the five steps we use to bring the best South African Online Casinos.

Step ONE. We base our list off consumer reviews and ratings. Paying renewed attention to new online casino sites, we also focus an interest of the rank of these sites on the search engines.

Step TWO. We check its licensing and jurisdiction, making sure that everything meets all legal demands. We also make sure that they meet the approval of independent agencies. This can be found on the website listings.

Step THREE. We ask of our freelance experts to make deposits into their accounts using real money. If everything goes well and the process is without hitches, we move on to the next step.

Step FOUR. We also make sure the quality of software is not sub par. How do we do this? By testing the most played games in South African online casinos based on the following factors:

  • software provider (Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and others)
  • quality of graphics and the website’s design
  • the functionality of mobile version
    desktop version (if any)
  • number of games for instant play

Step FIVE. This is the last step. And the most important. It involves withdrawing the money we have won. Ideally, the withdrawal process would be smooth and easy, offering no complications.

South African Online CasinosAnd it has to be as smooth as depositing (if all wagering requirements are met). If the withdrawal process is smooth and fast with no issues, the online casino site receives a thumbs up from us and a badge of honor.

Like they say, Rome wasn't build in a day. That's the same thing with ensuring the credibility of online casino sites. We take our time going through all steps and processes before drawing any conclusions, before damning or approving a site.

The payout rate is also an important factor you need to take into consideration. This is where we determine how much the casino gives to the players and how much of the money they keep.

A casino should not have a payout rate of more than 98%. And in all actuality, that high payout rate goes to show just how low maintenance that casino is. If you see a casino talking about a payout rate of 100%, it is most probably a ploy to lure you in. Don't fall for it.

Payout times also matter. This night be an issue especially if you want to withdraw your money as frequently as you want to. Some casinos makes this process to complicated and to withdraw your money, you could take ages. Though this might not always be a ploy to scam you of your money, it is still bothersome.

Want to know a secret? The superior casinos we have recommended don't have any of these issues. There are no tricks used to delay your money and most times, the usual check time is 24 hours, uncommon for casinos.

The best part is you can withdraw you money like you want, a couple of times a month or even more than that if you wish.

Also, make sure that the casino you have chosen is legally licensed. This will make you relax. It does not matter how many months or years you have been with your gambling provider, things can get real bad when a casino doesn't have a license. So make sure the casino you are patronizing is licensed.

Our obligation is to conduct an extensive testing for online casinos in South Africa as we want to recommend only the best to you. We want your experience to go really smoothly and seamlessly. Your only task will be to relax and play as much as you want to.

Interested in knowing just how the casinos in our top ten list cater to the consumers? Keep reading to the next part.

Games in online casinos for South African players

Games in online casinos for South African playersIt is no big secret that South Africans are not big on gambling. From our research, we noticed that the most popular form if gambling was the National Lottery, something which the South Africans seem to love

Another of their favorite gambling options is slots. Slots are quite popular though not as known as lottery. They are legal and safe to play which brings an added advantage.

Other games they tend to play are scratch cards and sport betting. Which consists of most of their entertainment.

We took all these preferences into consideration when compiling this list and we put all the casinos that we were sure would cater to the average South African. You would notice therefore that, slots occupy a great space in South African online casinos. In our recommended list, you can find all kind of pokies on those sites.

– the most basic fruit pokies
– 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel, 9-reel pokies
– themed slots
– progressive jackpot slots
– video pokies

But that is not all about the variety of games on South African casinos. Most, if not all casinos boast of all the games that other casinos worldwide possess. We have games like, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

Software for South African casinos

Software for South African casinosTo prove that you are a giant in the casino world, your software provider needs to stand out. If you don't have adequate software, no body will ever believe your site is safe even if you affirm it for the whole world to hear. And of course, there are always those software providers everybody hears about.

One thing that is important to South African casino players is a good mobile interface. They would prefer a software that allows for the smooth use of the site (or even app) on mobile, depositing, playing and withdrawing.

The only brand names we trust to give quality software are:

– Microgaming
– Playtech
– NetEnt
– Big Time Gaming
– Evolution Gaming
– Realtime Gaming

If your online casino has the backings of one of these softwares, then no need to worry. Game quality will definitely be excellent if you have these providers in your casino. And despite the platform you are using (desktop or mobile), your gameplay experience will be amazing.

Banking Options in South African Gambling Sites

In spite of the ambiguity that exists with the whole legal issue of online gambling in South Africa, online casino players have the a lot of options for payment at their disposal, like any other developed country.

These banking methods are reputable and are provided by distinguished providers who give services all over the world.

Our proposed casinos make it easy for you to use your preferred payment method to deposit or withdraw money. These banking methods use encryption technologies that protect your personal data and give you anti-scam and anti-fraud protection. They are completely secure and reliable.

Most gamblers all around the world prefer to use e-wallets and prepaid cards despite the varying methods available. Why they prefer these is because they are reliable third parties used in the financial transaction processes. Also, an added advantage is that they accept the ZAR, the official South African currency.

We are going to proceed to an overview of the most preferred methods of South Africans when they gamble.Online Casino Accepting Visa

Easy EFT is a payment method that enabled South African gamblers to deposit and withdraw. It was designed with the South African gamblers in mind and it caters so well to their needs. It is no surprise then that it is one of the top ranking payment methods in South Africa.

Of all the payment methods, Visa and MasterCard are definitely the most known in South Africa and in the whole wide world. According to your needs, you can make your transactions in the currency of your choice, Euro, Dollar, Pound or Rand.

Another banking method is Skrill. Skrill is a world trusted e-wallet. You can easily conduct your operations at a low cost and the best thing is that you can use Rand as a currency. This makes transactions quick and cheap and so it's a favorite now. Besides, some South African give all players who have Skrill as their default payment method a bonus.

Citadel is a quick and straightforward banking method. It doesn't need you to register to use it. It operates in 33 countries and a lot of South African gamblers use it as a preferred method for payment. All you have to do with this is state method of payment or withdrawal then you download the instant banking app.

netellerNETeller is another payment option and it is just like Skrill. You can make both international and domestic transactions at very low rates. Also, choosing this method as your preferred banking method might make you eligible for some bonuses.

Of course these are not the only banking methods that exist. There are plenty of other banking methods that permit you to do your transactions in Rand at a low rate. All you have to do is pick one you are familiar with or one that fits your needs. Consider the following criteria when choosing the banking method:

  • The type of payment method (e-wallet, bank transfers, prepaid cards,etc.)
  • Transaction fees
  • Bonuses
  • Card or no card
  • Third party or direct
  • Anonymous or reflected on bank statements

You should put in mind that before choosing the payment method you want to use in the online casino, make sure that you do some research of each other them, and weigh out the options, disadvantages and advantages. And you should know that the casinos we have selected for you use the most reliable banking methods in South Africa.

Ambiguous Status and Legality of Online Casinos in South Africa

There is some ambiguity concerning the legality of online casinos in South Africa. This has been going on for about a hundred or so years. And still, the legal status of online casinos remains remains undefined. What does this mean? It simply means that legally, no one is allowed to open a casino in the territory if South Africa. But South Africans can enjoy playing games with online casinos without facing ornlegal action or getting scared that they might be caught. Why?

Answering this question would require going into history.

The Africa's Gambling Act banned gambling of all sorts since 1965, though it did not extend to activities like horse betting or other sports betting. Five years after this, people in nominally independent areas starting opening private casinos. And it goes without saying that it was for the minority and the everyday South African man had no way to get in.

By 1995, this small number of casinos progressed to thousands of them, all operating illegally. The government that came into power soon after that decided to legalise all sorts of gambling, simply because if the sheer amount of casinos existent by the time. This gave “birth” to a regulatory agency, one of the firsts, called the National Gambling Board.

So how did gambling go from legal to undefined?

In 2004, ten years of legal gambling ended. The government banned it, issuing all sorts of laws and restrictions on it. But then, the confusing part is the amendments the government issued along with the ban. These amendments confused lawyers and legal advisors who, at the end of the day, are still confused about the issue of online gambling as its legality is still in a limbo.

After this, the laws that were passed (the National Gambling Act of 2004 and its September 2011 update) restricted online gambling within South African borders. But the curious thing is, the laws concern the gambling providers and not the players.

But we do know certainly that individual online casino players can play safely. It has never happened that one of these players has been prosecuted for online gambling. And even though the national policies towards online gambling are less than favorable, it is still secure to deposit your money and withdraw your winnings after playing on an online casino.

We should also add that the list of casinos we provided for you are all within the lines of all legal restrictions and amendments so you can play without any worries on them.

online casinos SA

Tips on how to win more in online casinos SA

If you are gambling online, then we know you want to make the most out of your gambling experience. Yeah you might say you are playing just for the fun of playing, but who wouldn't smile seeing a little bonus money in their account?

So we are going to give you some tips our experts, both the in-house and freelance have compiled so as to let you stay at the top of your game. So what you should do now, is go through these tips and try to apply them when gambling.

1. The first thing you should do is avoid seedy and shady casinos. When we talk of seedy casinos, we talk about those ones who do not seem to respect the legality options and whose overall reputation is not good. Let's tell you how to recognize these type of casinos.

These casinos have a desperate way about them. They promise unfulfillable things. You can feel it in the sentences. They will promise things like bonuses, cashouts that are impossible for a casino to give and still manage to operate.

Everything about licensing, affiliates, approvals and software are all kept under wraps

You keep being redirected to the paying page of even though there's little to no text on the site.
If the text is not written well, be careful. Also if there no real information, and just about playing games.

This tip is about you doing your best to check the casino before making any serious steps. How?

  • Read reviews on South African online casino services.
  • Look for the affiliate program of the site.
  • Make sure to research about his
  • Check how many trusted banking options are there

2.Look for payout rate reports. There are lots of things you can do by yourself to make sure it is safe to play with a chosen gambling provider. But what if you don’t know all those details? Or, what if you don’t have time or patience to bother with all of that? Well, then the third tip found you.

3.Consult with review websites. There are numerous casino review expert websites like Casinority. By consulting with any of them, you deprive yourself of a headache that goes with checking and testing casino websites on your own. What are the benefits of checking the ratings of best casinos?

They update info regularly. Once you are on such a website, look for the words “Last updated” or “Last modified.” It is crucial because not all casinos manage to stick on top for long.

Some may confidently force their way onto the top and then lose positions due to various reasons. Or, even worse, get into a list of blacklisted casinos. So, be careful and always look for the date the rating was published.

They are anxious to help. Review sites do a thorough check of each website they recommend. It does not mean they serve as advertising billboards to their online casino ‘buddies.’ Such review sites lose visitors in a heartbeat and are generally short-lived.

They do the testing, regular users can’t. Testing a casino website is that kind of puzzle. Especially to a newbie. Experts from review sites know how and have all time in the world to complete the check in the best way possible. They even deposit real money to make sure the casino is entirely reliable as it should be.

4. Don't be a “bonus hunter”. You should know that bonuses are not a guarantee for you personal data, your funds or your device(s). Though we love the generosity of some casino sites, it is not a way to set up an account then take the bonus and go. Besides, online casinos have a remedy against bonus hunters. They make it a requirement that you wager you bonus and win before taking your winnings.

5. Play wisely. As a good player, you should know when you should abandon. Learn to give up easily. If you notice that you have a streak of bad luck on that day, it is better to wisely give up. You can save that money and play on some other day.

You have multiple accounts. We don't mean like 5 or 10 accounts. But have like two accounts. There is nothing wrong with having one account but it is better as there are more chances of you to have more winnings. You can withdraw your money from multiple sites very easily.

6. You know how some people believe in gamblers luck? It is not actually that big of a myth. You should look for something that will bring you luck. It could be clothes, a bag or even flip flops. It doesn't matter. Or you could look for a spot that brings you luck. I believe in you.

Other Options for South African Gamblers

South African gamblers should leave all worries aside and enjoy playing with leading SA gambling providers. As mentioned earlier, individuals who gambler are no targets to authorities, but online casinos that operate within SA territory.

There is nothing bad about online gambling in South Africa, apart from gambling with rogue casino websites. Yet, this rule applies to residents of any country because fraud casino sites are anywhere and everywhere.

We have gathered casinos who are the safest and most reliable providers both local and international both in South Africa and worldwide. We hope that we will help you make the best decisions.

We care that you play games only from the best soft creators, deposit money with the most reliable processors and receive timely customer support once any issues emerge. Below, there are list of questions that our readers ask the most frequently. If your question is not there, do not hesitate to share your concerns with us by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button. Our experts will gladly provide you with exhaustible info and share their experiences with you.

South African Gamblers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age for gambling in South Africa?

In some countries, to the detriment of young players, the legal age for gambling is 21. That is not the case in South Africa as here, young players have an added advantage. The legal age of gambling, both offline and online, is 18.

There is a strict policy concerning young players, that is players younger than the age of 18. It is actually illegal for someone under 18 to partake in gambling. It is also forbidden to take your child or ward to a casino, even if they are just looking. This is because both offline and online casinos promote responsible gambling.

Why is it important?

People under the age of 18 are more sensitive and more vulnerable to abuse gambling than adults older than that are. All casinos promote responsible gambling, which is gambling in a pleasurable way, making sure not affect your life negatively. Since people under the age of 18 are more susceptible, there's a low risk that they would practice responsible gambling. And that is why they are restricted from playing it.

When can I withdraw my winnings?

The time you will withdraw your winnings is heavily influenced by three things:

  • – payout times
  • – the payment method you used
  • – other issues

We are going to go through all three of the factors.

Payout Times
Payout times simply refer to the number of times a month your gambling provider allows you to cash out your winnings. It all varies on which one you are using. It could be five times, one time or even three times a month. Even if you asked for a withdrawal, your request will be pending until the allocated time comes.

Payment Method You Used
Depending on what payment method you are using, withdrawing your winnings might take some time. But you should remember that withdrawing is not as easy as depositing and the method you used to deposit won't always be the one you will use to withdraw. There exist different online withdrawal methods like e-wallets, prepaid cards and mobile transfers which are more instant. Then we have wire transfers, e-cheques and credit cards which are much more stressful as their security checks can take a while.

Other Issues
Of course there is bad news. Not like we love talking about it but we have to say it. If your operation is on pending for a while and there looks like there's no way forward, there may be some mishaps. Some of these issues might be failure to meet wagering requirements, insufficient account balance or mistakes and discrepancies in your personal info.

Can I gamble online with Rands?

It is very possible to gamble in Rand. Gambling in another currency, dollar for example, would be an added expense as you would have to deal with currency conversion issues. And we would have to let you know that every reliable casino (all of the ones on our top ten list) uses your local currency.

You should also know that reliable casinos offer a lost of currencies for the players to choose from. Of course the Rand is definitely not as known as the dollar, the euro or the pound, but all casinos catering to South Africa have to make it a mission to offer most, if not all of their transactions in Rand.

How can I be sure the odds are fair?

Like we mentioned before, there are several agencies that make check the viability of the “randomness” in games. Basically they check the odds. One of these agencies is eCOGRA. What you can do is go on eCOGRA's official site and check for its website listings, making sure that the online casino is on there.

Other than eCOGRA, there are many other agencies that offer this same services. You can find out if a website is proven viable by at least one of those sites by checking their website for a stamp of approval. You can also read more about these tests, about the indicators and more on the site.

Can I withdraw bonus cash in South African casino?

Withdrawing bonus cash on an online casino would depend. If you win and you decide to withdraw your winnings at the same time as your bonus cash, then it is totally okay to withdraw the money at the same time. But you cannot just expect to deposit a check in your account, then withdraw your bonus cash after registering. That is impossible.

Why is it like this?

Well simply because the bonus is not for you to withdraw just like that. It is meant for you to play with it. Casinos try to arm themselves against bonus hunters. Bonus hunters are people who go from site to site, not earning money by playing, but by college the bonuses casinos offer.

There is an eligibility that you need to acquire to withdraw your bonus funds. To withdraw this bonus, you need to wager on the cash offered to you as a bonus. There is no fixed number of times for wagering. It could be three times but it could also be up to a dozen times. And like we mentioned before, be careful of wagering requirements that are impossible to meet.

What games are the easiest to play in ZAR online casinos?

The best option more beginners, people who are new to the gambling world is to choose a simple game, especially if they plan on depositing cash into their account. When considering simple games, consider pokies. Pokies are easy to play as the only thing you need to learn before starting a round is the significance of the signs on the board.

For instance, you will need to know what a payline is ( It is what defines the winning combination), you should know what symbols stand for winning, what an auto spin is for and more. The average player gets a grasp of the game after 10 spins.

We know that it is extremely probable that you will receive free spins as a welcome package bonus. What you could do with these free spins is learn how to play and get a hang of the game. Besides, they can win money and you don't take the risk of losing your own money.

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